• Experience the RealRyder®

    CoreBalance Studio is excited to introduce the RealRyder® ABF8 indoor spin bikes to central Phoenix. These state of the art bike allow you to experience a more real-life ride, burning more calories and training your core more than a typical stationary indoor cycling class. CoreBalance Studio is the first in the valley to combine the RealRyder bike with the Polar Cardio GX system and other Polar heart rate monitors to record your results.

    RealRyder is a leaning indoor bicycle which allows the rider to feel like they are on an actual road bike. Not only can the rider increase the resistance of the bike to feel like they are riding on different terrain, but with the full-tilt motion of the RealRyder, the rider can steer, lean, and turn just like they would on the road. RealRyder cycling is the next era in indoor cycling. We offer a range of classes to provide you with variety in your fitness routine – from simulated road courses, to high-energy, music-infused rides to rides that are monitored by our Polar Cardio GX system.

  • Make Group Exercise Personal

    Polar Cardio GX guides riders to perform at the right intensity in order to get the most out of their training and fosters motivation, as progress can be more accurately measured over time.

    Riders wear a strap with a transmitter during the workout. After a quick sign in, live heart rate data, calories, and motivating rewards appear on the screen.

    After class, participants can receive a comprehensive training report, breaking down their calories burned, time spent in each heart rate zone, and the training benefit of the session. This training report along with the instant visual feedback given during class helps the participants find the right intensity for the group exercise class to be able to achieve their individual training objectives.

  • Bike Benefits

    Tilting bike exercise is much more dynamic than the typical cardio exercise class. It develops the riders upper body strength, core muscle groups, and even balance through the side-to-side motion of the RealRyder.

    Burn 20% more calories per minute compared to the conventional spinning classes.

    More kinds of movement, more muscles used, more calories burned.
    The Real Ryder® ABF8 provides a range of full-body exercise benefits that simply can’t be matched by conventional indoor stationary bikes. This is a Spin Class you won’t regret!

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This is a Spin Class you won’t regret!

Once you’ve experience our ride you will
join the legions of riders who state that they’ll never ride a conventional stationary bike again.